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Cultivating connections that nourish and heal.

Counseling for individuals, couples, and parents

Relationship Counseling

Intimate partnership can be a great source of joy, support, belonging, stress-relief and inspiration. Many factors, however, interact to generate conflict, stress, disappointment and even loneliness. We work with you and your partner to help uncover and shift dynamics of distress in order to increase alliance, intimacy, differentiation, relational security and well-being.

Individual Counseling

How do you want to live your life given the realities of stress, limitation, loss, challenge and opportunity? How do you want to relate to and deal with life’s difficulties and possibilities? We work with you to shift unhelpful patterns; to find adaptive ways of taking care of yourself and others in order to live a more enlivened, resilient and engaged life.

Parenting Counseling

Most parents are deeply invested in doing what’s best for their kids. Questions, challenges and concerns can arise regarding the child’s development and behavior. Conflict can occur between parents as to how to best parent. We work with you to get a clearer, more concrete handle on how to address challenges and nurture healthy development.

About Doug Silberstein, LMFT

I want to help you find the connections to yourself, to others and to life that deepen your experiences of well-being, alignment, gratification and inspiration. I want to help you develop healthier ways of working with your suffering; to confront and shift the conditioning of the mind and body that perpetuates dissatisfaction and discord.

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