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Growing together


Though individual therapy provides an intensive level of support, group therapy can be a very powerful way to work on strengthening skills and overcoming internal obstacles. The support and constructive feedback one receives from other group members can be an amazing catalyst for self-growth; and supporting others who are going through similar trials can be a healing experience.

Group Therapy can be a very effective resource for people in times of stress, crisis and/or desired growth. The group experience can increase hope and lets you know you are not alone in your struggles. Working on personal challenges with others offers many opportunities for increasing self-knowledge and psychological resilience.

Fathers’ Group: This group includes education, discussion and support for fathers. The group is designed to help dads parent in today’s day and age and promotes a clear and focused approach to parenting that is primarily based on paying attention to:

  1. the nature and quality of the father-child relationship,
  2. the nature and degree of stress on the developing child,
  3. the context and quality of the parent-parent relationship (when there is more than one parent), and,
  4. the degree and quality of the father’s capacities for stress management and self-care.

The group is currently held at my office in Santa Rosa. 

Email me to see if there’s an opening and for details regarding fee and dates!!